Winter 2014 Ficlympics!!

by: August Rode

[cue inspirational music]

I call upon all Ficly authors to assemble on January 5, 2014 to celebrate the Games of the First Winter Ficlympiad.

There will be four events, one per week, each consisting of three challenges. The themes for these “triauthlons” will be Genres, Limitations, Inspiration and Literary Devices. Each authlete is encouraged to enter one story per challenge.

Each triauthlon will have a panel of judges (who may enter but cannot score their own stories), each of whom will score the stories for both artistic impression (maximum 10 points) and technical merit (maximum 10 points). The authlete with the three highest scores for the event will win gold, silver and bronze virtual pencils for that event. The person with the highest cumulative score for all four events will be awarded the virtual platinum pencil. (For each gold, silver or bronze virtual pencil, I will handmake a mechanical pencil in wood for any winner interested. For the platinum virtual pencil, I will handmake a pen & pencil set in wood if the winner is interested.)

I am looking for judges. Judges are permitted to enter events but can’t score their own stories. Ideally, I’d like to have 5 judges for each event so please consider participating as both authlete and judge.

[fade inspirational music]


  • THX 0477

    Put me down for a judgeship. It’s bound to look good on my CV.

  • HSAR

    Oh, sweet. Bring it on!

    Ficlympics: Et Melius Brevius!

    (Someone better versed in Latin may correct me)

  • JonB

    It’s a great idea, and bound to be a success with the added temptation of real pencils (whatever they are) rather than those silly virtual ones that we have around here; very generous of you to offer to hand craft these.

    I’d love to be a judge.

  • August 2nd

    I’ve been looking at options for mechanical pencils. There are far more varied and interesting pen kits out there than pencil kits so I hope people won’t mind if I offer to make pens rather than pencils. The platinum prize will still be a matching pen and pencil set.

    When I get them all made, hopefully this month yet, I’ll post a photograph of the entire collection somewhere.

  • The Night Angel

    sounds like fun, I’ll compete for sure, but I don’t know if I will be able to judge, I lack the ability to be critical of other peoples writings when it comes to things like ficly

  • Drake West

    Great Idea!!

    I will be the East German judge ;)

  • 32 ^2

    Sure, you bet. I’d love to judge. I’ve been waiting for challenges too.

  • contin

    I’m in for participating! :D It’s a great idea. Working on projects but will be back Jan 5.

  • signed, poet

    Because I am opposed to judging

    I would like to be a judge. Feel free to send me a Note.

  • stargazer1960

    I can judge if you still need judges.