Writers Write

Nanowrimo is officially over. Most years, I’m ready to edit my November beast of a novel into something more, but I ended this year with a head cold and really could not care about editing.

Instead, I am challenging myself, and you also, to keep writing! I know that after pounding out 50,000 words, the last thing you (or I) want to do is come up with MORE material.

I’ve got news for you, that’s what we writers do!
For every day you take off writing, your muse will take off three!

In order to jump start your weary (my weary) brains, I suggest you (and I) do one of two things; Enter a challenge, or Sequel another story.

I noticed, and you may not have realized this, that while I was laboriously counting words, there were a tireless few who continued to upload stories here on ficly. My hat is off to you! Now I (and therefore, you) shall go back and read these fine tales and choose one that inspires me to sequel and sequel it! Then I shall do it the next day as well!

As writers, we write. We write when we are tired, when we are happy, when we are depressed, when we are in love, and when we are stumped. It’s what we should do, no matter what.

The day we stop writing is the day we, well, let’s not talk about that.

We write. We keep on writing, even if what we produce is mediocre and flops on the page like a limp, wet, noodle. (That is my brain after Nano; all it left me are noodle metaphors.) Even if we end our sentences in denial that the first half of the sentence exists;

Just. Keep. Writing.


  • Jae

    Hear hear.
    Having not participated in Nanowrimo, I have less an excuse to refrain from writing. It is a pleasure to return here to Ficly after a short span apart. Even keeping up with my personal journal has been difficult during this semester, but luckily I have kept scribbling away through a number of obstacles and distractions.
    It is true that writing stands as legitimately as any job. I once heard that you never hear of plumbers complaining about plumber’s block, or doctors (heaven forbid) getting doctor’s block. So when did it become acceptable for writers to excuse themselves in such a manner?
    No matter the difficulty, or lack of time, interest, imagination or inspiration, if we choose to title ourselves writers, we are obligated to write. There is no other road to take. And thankfully, with a maelstrom of written works to look back on, progress becomes much more apparent.

  • Reaver19

    Just keep writting just keep writting writting writting writting!!!!!!

  • Mighty-Joe Young (A.K.A Strong Coffee)(LoA)

    Poets Poe and plumbers plumb.

  • 32 ^2

    And poor poet’s thumb’s plumb for Poe’s poured plums…

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