Nonsensical Names!

Right! This one’s personal so I quite understand if I don’t get many entries. I always wonder where you all get your ficly names from…some of them are so imaginative – and, as I’ve always used my real name when associated with my writing, I’m intrigued to know how these magnificent titles developed.

So…as loosely based upon the truth as you wish, please write for me a ficly describing, explaining or incorporating your username. And if, like me, you’re titled by your birth name – go crazy and invent like mad!

They shall by judged in order of those that make me go “Oooh! Cool!” the most. But trust me that’s pretty easy to do.

I think that is all I need to say. To your keyboards, brave ficleteers!!! Keeeep typing! =D
Abby x

(If you wanna just make up the whole thing then please do because I’m never going to know)

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