I’ve come to realize that the future is coming soon. There’s no stop to it, and it frightens me. I have a lot of fears, but the future is definitely my number one.

Write something, anything, about what you’re crazy terrified of or a character is crazy terrified of.
It can be something like being scared of spiders, failure, small spaces, or even apples (for whoever is odd and is scared of them, ha ha).
Delve deep inside yourself or a character and make them live out a horrific moment they’ve experienced in the past or are experiencing presently.

I don’t know how mature stories can be told through this context, but if there is a way, they shant be accepted here. Just a heads up.

Anyways, there is 1 month to be done in this, so I hope people have a kind of fun time with this, though it may freak some people out. Just don’t go to like therapy from a lifelong fear that you’re reliving. ;)

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