What Happens Next?

What do you think happens next to this character? It can be anything and it can be however you want it. Just so long ass it fits this beginning…

She ran . Everything around her was a blur. She didn’t know where she was headed, nor did she particularly care. All she wanted was to leave and move quickly before they tracked her again. She never truly figured out why they seemed to follow her.

She did know, however, the theories and rumors that flooded the Under Cities. She knew that the “people” were scared of her. So scared, they chased her out among the Mortals, the mundane.

So here she ran, on and on. And she knew that, for the rest of her life, she would hide away, hoping that one day, they would just accept their failure and move forward. But she also knew that, if they couldn’t deal with their failure for 7 years, they couldn’t possibly give up now. They took her mom. Their only mistake, not taking her.