Words Up, Yo!

I’ve not done a challenge before, so I decided to start with something totally random, and probably fairly easy. Inspired by a flash fiction blog I read upon occasion, I am going to give you five words. You have to use any 3 of them in your story.

.Lindsey Lohan (I know it’s two words, but what the hell. I’m making it up as I go along.)

Any genre, except; New-age Western Romance. I’ll flatly refuse to read it. In fact, I’ll specifically deride you for it on the comments of every story you write for the rest of this year.

3 Weeks should be plenty of time to write a compelling, slasher/horror story about a zombie, drug-addled, over-rated starlet living in the Scottish Highlands baking high-calorie pastries. I hope.

My only rule, I guess, is keep it clean (since I’m not going to mark it mature).

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