Tale of Two Cities.

No, we’re not writing about the book, don’t you worry.

Now, I believe there are 2 sides to every story that is told. It’s hard to take one persons word for it when it could have been interpreted a completely different way in someone else’s eyes.

My challenge is very simple. Write about something that has 2 sides to a story, so involving 2 characters, groups, etc. and tell what they saw.
I know that there are so many characters we are able to write so I will for sure allow “2 entries” one for each side of the story or if you can manage to fit them into 1 entry that would be acceptable as well.
Of course if you have numerous ideas you can create more than one submission, just make sure you make that known that it’s a different entry than the other ones.

So WRITE, WRITE, WRITE! & good luck. :)

(I know I accidentally posted this twice, so for whoever wants to post on either one that’s totally okay with me. I’ll read each one in each challenge post. Sorry about that.)

Challenge Entries