Remixing... Pygmalion

In this challenge, you are to use in a single story at least 5 of the following 10 lines, which I have selected more or less at random and on whim, from George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion.

1. There wasn’t one at Trafalgar Square.
2. Live where you like; but stop that noise.
3. By George, it’s enormous!
4. This is a plant—a plot to extort money by threats.
5. Don’t sit on my writing-table: you’ll break it.
6. Anyhow, there’s no good bothering now.
7. Oh, chuck them over the bannisters into the hall.
8. All this irritation is purely subjective.
9. What does that ass of an inspector say?
10. Of course I do, you little fool.

The lines must be integral to the story and not incidental. No other restrictions.

Challenge Winner

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