(Your Pen Name Here)

’Ello Governors, Funky Monkeys, and Future Presidents

It’s marvelous to be in the big, comfy, cushiony, community of the bright and brief! You have inspired this—that’s right ladles and yentle soup spoonsYOU are the focus of this CHALLENGE .


Have you ever wondered who is behind their pen name, their icon, and their ficlys? Is there a particular writer that you suspect is a novelist? A neighbor? Famous? Someone you can picture clearly somehow? A house plant maybe?

Write a ficly describing that person (or thing) going about their day, doing whatever. The title of your story must BE their pen name. Entries that demean or ridicule, or are obviously just mean for meanness’s sake will be disqualified. However, if you are attempting something risky or humorous, send a note to that person first and ask them for permission. Try for most outlandish, or most accurate, or both. The best, most creative character sketch/ story will be showered with praise.

Good Luck!

Challenge Entries