T-minus 30 seconds...til the End of the World

As a fan of post-apocalyptic stories I often day dream about how the end of the world could happen and who may (or may not) survive it all. I’m not necessarily talking about the end of days in the bible or some religious prophecy about earth’s demise. The universe is a capricious place and earth is in a very precarious position most of the time. Trying to retain a believable scenario without going into too much detail let the next line percolate in your head as you begin this challenge:

The end is nigh as a fireball engulfs the surface of the planet.

Imagine the perspective of a character standing before the tidal wave of destruction cascading towards them as the end of the world happens around them.

I want your entries to really capture the feelings of the character and even the landscape around them. What would you be thinking about if you knew the end of your life was less than a minute away?

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