What is Life Without Thee?

My mum died suddenly in 2003. I knew of the contralto Kathleen Ferrier only because my mum had often spoke of her. I do NOT enjoy this kind of classical singing! Sometime later, I played an album by her which had been my mum’s and was stunned to be moved to tears by the song of the same title as this challenge.

You can hear her recording on:

The (slightly trimmed) lyrics are:

What is life to me without thee
What is left if thou art dead?
What is life; life without thee?
What is life without my love?
What is left if thou art dead?

Eurydice! Eurydice!
Ah, hear me. Oh, answer! Oh answer!
Thy dear lord am I so faithful,
My dear lord am I, who loves thee,
Who doth love thee!

Eurydice! Eurydice!
In my dread anguish nought can aid me,
None can comfort.
Earth is cruel, heav’n is cold!

The challenge? Write a piece inspired by anything related to this song or the singer who died tragically young.

The challenge ends exactly 100 years after her birth.

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