Who here has heard of National novel writing month? Raise your hand. Those who haven’t go to

It is a great challenge, writing 50,000 words in a month. But as you all know, not everyone particularly cares for writing novels.

For this challenge “National Ficly/Ficlet Writing Month” I challenge you to write one Ficly, Ficlet for older members, each day of the month of June. (Yay Summer)

The catch: None of them can be a prequel or sequel, of your own work or of others’.

This will not be judged and you do not need to enter your stories under this challenge, just tag them with NaFicWriMo.

You have the rest of May to prepare.

This challenge is just for fun and to make you dig deep and find your original ideas hiding deep inside of you as you burrow through the words laying near the surface.
Happy writing!

Challenge Entries