The Horrible Fire Challenge.

As some of you may have noticed fire consumes everything. Why? Because it is obvious. Fire is like a child. Nurture it properly and it will grow safely. Leave it alone and it will die or consume everything. In this challenge i want you to write about a horrible fire that changes someone or a group of people’s lives. In Lemony Snicket’s a series of unfortunate events there was a fire that killed the children’s parent’s the whole series started because of that one fire. I want your story to be something like that. Here are the rules

1) The fire has to be life changing (for the characters)

2) It has to kill at least one person

3) The story has to be original

4) There needs to be 2 or more characters. Unless you absolutely want it to be from one characters point of view.

5) You can sequel one time.

And thats it simple enough right? Also please do not start aa fire and observe it to help you write your story better XD because you might just end up as the main character if you do. GOOD LUCK!

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  • Burnt

    Author: Elice

    Published July 8th, 2009

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