That, lieutenants and generals, is the number you get when you multiply 1024 characters by the 30 days in June. Did I just hear someone say, “Gadzooks! That’s roughly 5,000 words!” ?

Now, now, settle down. NaFicWriMo merely requires 1 completely original, stand alone Ficly for every day of June. Since 60 characters is all it takes to create a full-fledged, law abiding Ficly… 1800 characters is your minimum requirement. Huzzah! That’s like a full Ficly and a half.

BUT… how the heck are you going to come up with 30 totally different ideas? I don’t doubt your abilities, good reader, I’m just saying, you have 11 days to concoct a plan, might as well use them.

So, write 30 separate ideas in 1 Ficly.

Use slashes to separate ideas. No periods, Americans. No full stops, Brits.

Example: Girl removes tapeworm and keeps it as her pet/ Jesus goes spelunking/ Soul mates die of old age in the same millisecond/ We are a reality T.V. show for extra terrestrials/ etc.

Challenge Entries