Film Project

I used to be an avid writer on this website, but that was 2 years ago. I am approaching you all with a challenge if you would like to help me. I would like to start filming some short films before the summer ends. I need help with the stories though. Ok. So you MUST be okay with me using your story as a premise for something I film. Here’s what you have to work with:

The story is set on a lake. There are woods around this lake. It is a rather large lake. There are bridges that cross the lake. There is a boardwalk. There is a dam with many steps, there are docks, picnic benches. Your characters can go on the lake using the following: 1-3 kayaks, pontoon boat, canoe, 4-person paddle boat

Your must-use characters are a black, male who is anywhere between 18-23 and a white female same age. You can add any other characters. Feel free to make the stories longer than one entry. I might need more to work with. Don’t feel like you have to write a script. A simple narrative should suffice. I’ll upload the vids.

Challenge Entries