The Lyric Challenge.

A person’s favorite song can say a lot about them. It usually means something to them because they can relate to it in some way. This oftentimes involves the lyrics. Lyrics are very important to any type of musical piece, because they play a strong role in conveying the song’s message.

The Challenge:
Create a Ficly using *only * song lyrics.
Song names are acceptable as well, but no phrase that is not associated with a song in some way does not count.
Then, after publishing your Ficly, cite every song you used in the comment box for your story. This avoids copyright problems, and also allows for other Ficleteers to look up the song if they so choose. An example would be “Happy Birthday – Anonymous, Yellow Submarine – The Beatles” and so on and so forth.

You have until July 25. Challenge yourself.

Challenge Winner

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