Prequel War

On rare occasions, stories are told backwards.

In this challenge, the first story is the last.
To set the scene, I have provided the first story below.

All participants must enter their stories by clicking the “Participate” button, with the understanding that they are obligated to continue the story backwards from the last entry.

Setting is pseudo-medieval fiction.
There is no magic.
Technology is limited – no steampunk. Think Roman Era.
Every story must contain the main character.

There is no limit to your entries, but you may not enter two stories in a row.

Otherwise, feel free to create side characters, locations and plot.
Ultimately, we want to find out how the main character ended up in the last story. Each prequel should build on what is already written, to the best of your ability.

A winner will be chosen based upon integration, ingenuity, and style, but the real purpose is to experience the adventure as it happens…

…esrever ni…

Challenge Winner

Challenge Entries