Number, Number, Word, Ficly.

Quickly, think of a number from 1-500.
Now, think of a number from 1-50.

Grab your nearest book, flip to the first number you chose and take the first word of the line you chose, if possible. This word is now your prompt. All you have to do is incorporate this into your Ficly, somehow. It doesn’t even matter what book it is, nor does its content. There’s not much difference between your history textbooks and your old, worn-out novels. Language isn’t an issue – I’m sure you can at least translate the word or make use of it somehow. It doesn’t matter.

Say you get a word that’s too difficult to use as a prompt, for instance ‘the’ or ‘there’. Fine then, just pick one word from the sentence. The idea is just to get a random word prompt and see how it goes from there.

If your number is too large, divide it by 2, rounded down. Either way, you should be able to get a page number and line number that can be used for this challenge.

Challenge yourself. It’s up to you what you make of the words given.

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