Attention All of Ficlyland: Celebrate Your Milestones

I was reminiscing recently, not about anything in particular, but about the act of reminiscing itself. It’s kind of like why monuments are built. They’re there to inhabit the world, there to be revisited as one would a fond or significant memory. They’re simply, actually, there. To represent what we accomplish is an essential, primitive, distinctly human trait. And as I’m noticing, lately, all of you Ficleteers turned Ficlyteers have not continued this trend.

Anyone remember the titles that used to scroll down that proudly hollered ‘100th COMMENT CHALLENGE!!’ ? My friends, I miss these celebrations, so I’m bringing them back.

Your challenge is to create a challenge when you reach your next personal milestone— such as 50 stories or 50 comments, etc. These mementos should be preserved and observed by the community, methinks.

Now, to fill this challenge with submissions, please pick two of your best, most comment neglected, forgotten stories or poems, and put ’em right here. May the best one win.

Challenge Winner

  • Waves

    Author: Lighty

    Published September 13th, 2012

    Average rating: 5 out of 5

Challenge Entries