Come On Guys!

This is very simple – I’m not happy with the slow traffic around here so let’s get going!

I want ONE little ficly that stands alone. Any genre, any anything. Mature or not. Poem or prose – whatever YOU want to do. If you were just about to post a ficly, post it HERE. I want one ficly from every active member in our little community at the moment.

And then I want you to check every day for new entries, I want you to read them and I want you to comment on them like the good little ficleteers that you are.

Call it a warm-up for NaNoWriMo! You have one month. And this will be judged. You will NOT win if you haven’t commented on all the other entries. Trust me, I’ll check.

Clear? =)

(I apologize unreservedly for the patronising/aggressive tone – my attempts at tough love never really work cuddles)

Challenge Winner

Challenge Entries