"Three Word Prompt" Challenge: The Chain

Based on Shoving Leopard’s personal challenge, here’s a related one to be done as a chain.
Make a sequel to the latest entry in the series (leave a note below to say you’ve added a story and give a link!), which will have a three word prompt at the end; you use those to write your new story, leaving a new set of words for the next person. It could branch, possibly, but I am picturing a chain instead. Hopefully this can involve more people writing and participating.
The sequels/entries can be stories, poems or just ‘other.’ Whatever! Try to leave room for the three words, please. If they won’t fit, you could do your response in two parts (leaving a link so people will find it better) and put the words in the sequel.
Please use asterisks to put the key words in bold. Thank you very much!

Scurvy Swab

The first three words, which I plan to write a sequel for, are these:

Challenge Entries