Killers for Koalas

“You know, when preserving life, just one person can make a difference.”
“Yeah, your friend may be able to tell one her fellow Aussies and cause a chain reaction that save lives – maybe thousands.”
I swallow deeply, wondering what we are talking about. The two brutes in the cell with me were convicted killers after all.
One of them hits me in the shoulder, not hard, but the sheer size of his hand makes my teeth clatter.
“Are you paying attention, man? Koala bears!”
The other holds up a National Geographic and begins to describe the loss of their territory and how important it is to conserve them.
“Maybe ya’ll should start a group called Killers for Koalas,” I suggest.
Completely serious, the big man shows me a tattoo of a Koala below a huge Nazi swastika. “We don’t joke about koalas.”
“The planet belongs to koalas, too.”

Your task is to write a ficly with killers and koalas and perhaps the saving of the species. Style, genre, and means or ends are completely up to you. You have until the new year.

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