"Unsung Heroes"

In any favorite story, there is always that one minor character who catches our eye and draws our interest. For me it was the pig Uncle, who beat Wilbur as the largest pig in “Charlotte’s Web.” What was his story? What was he really like? What happened to him? Where did he come from?

I challenge you to pick one of those background characters you’ve always liked and flesh the character out with your own personal headcanon, answering these sorts of questions as you feel fit. It’s likely that a flat character will now become round!
You can make a sequel-chain of them if you wish, but for each character please make a new entry in the contest from this page. In other words, each character you do should be entered once, and I’ll just judge the whole string, as a whole.
Of course, you should identify what work the character is from and their significance in the source story, for those who haven’t read it. That can be in a comment if it doesn’t fit in the main entry.

Thank you, and have fun, folks!

Challenge Entries