200 Comments Milestone Challenge

In accordance with Tad Winslow’s Celebrate Your Milestones Challenge I have hit 200 Comments and am creating a celebratory challenge. On Christmas day no less! This is how much I love you guys. (I’m taking a repose after ridiculously large roast dinner)

So! What is the subject of such a challenge? It is twofold.

The first, and most important part, is that it must be a sequel. How does one do this, you cry? Learn from this:
Choose any ficly you like to do this, anything that catches you fantasy, any genre or type. Your story does not have to be direct follow-on, it can just be inspired by, but if you just pick a random ficly and write something unrelated I will frown at you .

The second is that is must be festive in some way, any kind of festive, from any holiday or festivities you want, and this does not mean it has to be sickeningly sweet either.

Enjoy! Everyone has until the festive cheer has worn off (coincidently when I return to Uni)

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