Still Life Writing IV: A New Word

I was looking out my window late at night, at the perfect ebony sea, upon which a single silver sickle shone with the eminence of a thousand angels, and it got me thinking…

I haven’t made you guys work on your descriptions for months!

Same as before, write a descriptive ficly, showing us a scene with no active movement. You can work in passive movement, like I asked you to last time, but no active verbs.

You can write about anything you like, just so long as nothing moves, and when nothing’s moving, it’s probably worth fleshing it out with vivid descriptions.

Bonus challenge this time, the title says it all. You are challenged to use a made up word. And if you can use it in such a way that the reader can understand its meaning without having it explained (don’t feel bad if you can’t, I’m not a hundred percent sure it’s possible), then you get bonus points.

You have until this time next month.

H.S. out.

Challenge Entries