Celebrating my 1000th Ficly and Murakami!

I am hesitant to celebrate my accomplishments. I don’t really like drawing attention to myself. I like my writing to stand on its own. However, this challenge gave me food for thought. Celebrating my 1000th Ficly, I invite you to a game of Haruki Murakami Bingo. He is one of of my favorite authors (highly recommended). To play use any combination of the following: Mysterious woman, ear fetish, dried up well, something vanishing, the feeling of being followed, unexpected phone call, cats, old jazz records (specific), Urban ennui, supernatural powers, running, secret passage way, train station, historical flashback, precocious teenager, cooking, speaking to cats, parallel worlds, weird sex, Tokyo at night, unusual name, faceless villain, vanishing cats.

More is not necessarily better. Just write something you are proud of. I prefer stories but poems are welcome too.

Multiple entries and sequels and prequels are okay by me.

Good luck and have fun!

Challenge Winner

Challenge Entries