"Five Senses" challenge Chain

This is specifically for my students, but anyone can participate.
Each group’s 1st member use this as the starting point. Click “participate” to start; others, respond by following with a “Sequel.”

Pick a specific item to appeal to the sense of sight, hearing, smell, taste, or touch, as suggested here or in the post you’re responding to. Imagine this image as being part of a scene. What does this image make you think of? What’s happening? You can have a person alone, a dialogue, a landscape, a nature scene: whatever relates to the image. If you calls a memory to mind, you can use that as a point of departure. Each group should have at least one example of each of the five senses. Each group member should write one entry.

So, member #1, choose one of these to start with (at the end of yours, or in the comments, offer a few new images….
1. The smell of lemons
2. The song “One Fine Day”
3. The feeling of walking barefoot on pebbles/stones
4. The taste of honey
5. The darkness of a deep forest

Challenge Winner

Challenge Entries