Is 'Nothing' Itself Truly Non-existent?

It’s funny how misused the word ‘nothing’ is. Take for example, “There’s nothing to do.” Really? Nothing? In literal terms that’s just flat out unlikely so stop it. But really think about it. Is nothing itself truly non-existent? Is there always something in the absence of something else, or does nothing actually preside in that absence? Can nothing be ‘a thing’ and still be nothing?

Mr. BiC and I debated ‘nothing’ once. It began here— and ended in the comment section here—

CHALLENGE: Choose a side of the argument and defend it— either outright and literal, or in more artistic, interpretive ways. Be creative. Make it a poem or a story. The winner will have displayed one of or all of these traits: wit, a knack for ridiculousness, a flair for the dramatic, passion, a deep insight or two, balls to the wall rhetoric, an undeniable ability to tell a story or spill a poem while keeping the subject matter relevant to the challenge.

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