Modern day fairy tale/nursery rhyme time!

I had just written a Ficly on a modern day possibility of Jack & Jill and I gotta say, it was a lot of fun. I turned Jack into an alcoholic who goes to a bar to try to get his wife back who divorced him for abuse reasons and as they fight he falls down a hill and dies.
It really inspired me that things like this would be really fun to create.
SO your challenge is to take a favorite fairy tale or nursery rhyme and make it your own. It can be a happily ever after ending or something dark and gruesome but definitely get creative with it.

The only rule I’d say is to have something more realistic than make believe! Other than that just go for it!

Can’t wait to read who submits!
Have a great time. You have a month! :)
& yes, you can do more than 1 entry if you’d like!

Challenge Entries