Remixing... Lucky You

In this challenge, you are to use in a single story at least 4 of the following 10 lines, which I have selected more or less at random and on whim, from Carl Hiaasen’s Lucky You.

1. It’s the damnedest thing I ever saw—check out the moat!
2. There he purchased twelve gallons of turpentine and a mop.
3. It had been Bode’s idea to shoot one of the turtles.
4. We are the most hospitable folks in Florida!
5. Your Virgin Mary—can I get a picture?
6. They’ve got your Visa, plus they seem to be total morons.
7. I don’t remember seeing you folks at Doc Crawford’s.
8. Do you know him as Richard or ‘Icepick’?
9. Brings back memories of my trauma-unit days.
10. Don’t you think things will move quicker this way, all three of us together?

The lines must be integral to the story and not incidental. No other restrictions.

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