Winter 2014 Ficlympics: Bulwer-Lytton (Inspiration Event)

The following sentence received a Dishonorable Mention in the 2013 Bulwer-Lytton competition (

“The dark, drafty old house was lopsided and decrepit, leaning in on itself, the way an aging possum carrying a very heavy, overcooked drumstick in his mouth might list to one side if he were also favoring a torn Achilles tendon, assuming possums have them.”

In this challenge, the sentence above is the first sentence of your story. Write the rest of your story in a similar vein.

This challenge is one of three in the Inspiration event for the Winter 2014 Ficlympics. If you enter this challenge, consider entering the other two (7 Words and The Articulate Stranger) as well.

Challenge Entries