Winter 2014 Ficlympics: The Articulate Stranger (Inspiration Event)

At, I generated the plot for a story (for which the name The Articulate Stranger was suggested:

“Boris Khan has the perfect life working as a housekeeper in Camborne and chatting with his considerate girlfriend, Heather Cox.

“However, when he finds a minuscule cigarette packet in his cellar, he begins to realise that things are not quite as they seem in the Khan family.

“A wedding leaves Boris with some startling questions about his past, and he sets off to find some answers.

“At first the people of Camborne are charming. He is intrigued by the curiously articulate hairdresser, Sonya Hemingway. However, after she introduces him to hard television, Boris finds himself drawn into a web of fraud, robbery and perhaps, even murder.

“Can Boris resist the charms of Sonya Hemingway and uncover the secret of the minuscule cigarette packet before it’s too late?”

Your challenge is to flesh out some small aspect of your choice of this plot.

Challenge Entries