One Sunny and Clear Day...

It’s summertime here in the Northern hemisphere and thoughts of sandy beaches are flitting around my head. Alas, I am quite landlocked and have never seen the sea.

This challenge is about taking a sunny beach scene,

_ Wait.. I just realized I did this beach challenge years ago. Must be because I still haven’t been to one._

Correction: a sunny scene anywhere: the calm before the storm, a sunny meadow, a sunny laundry-in-the-wind type commercial, a beach, a mountain, or a city street..

there, I avoided a re-hash of the beach

and describe for me the characters’ motives, and hint whether this sunny time will last, is a beautiful thing, or a terrible irony.

Begin with ‘One sunny and clear day’.


Because it is the opposite of ‘a dark and stormy night’ and because this challenge was too vague without some parameters.

Oh, and you have to use at least one line of italics to bring your reader INSIDE the character’s head, or as an ASIDE to your story, as in a narration.

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