Journey to Avalon

I am working on a fantasy setting for a new online game. I am hoping the vast creative talents here on Ficly can lend a hand. Please contribute in any way you wish to the next post, sequel it synchronously or not. Any number of authors can add their own threads.

Some background to help:

Avalon is the great capital of the realm. A massive city by the Azure Bay. It is surrounded on 2 sides by the river Thuln and to the east by a great mountain – Twin Peaks. The city has walls and 2 bridges which enter through two gates, Queensgate and River Gate.

I have much more detail that can fit here, but you don’t need it. Make up your own!

The narrator is but one character who represents a group of tribal folk chased off their homeland. They are refugees and seek asylum in Avalon. They are awestruck at even the idea of the gleaming city by the sea.

Flesh out the city for me, explore the neighborhoods like: The Wizardmarch, Rabbleton, Highwood, The Academy and more. Perhaps penetrate the Imperial Grounds…

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