The Real People

Hey all,

So I’m interested in real people and their real ordinary dramas. We write micro-fiction here, and every tiny piece of prose needs to pack that punch straight away or the tale be lost in the metaphorical aether of the internet. But I want to see the people with the tiny dramas that mean so much to them. Sure, there are children starving in Zimbabwe, and women being unreasonably arrested in Russia. There are even people recovering from heavy flooding in western Somerset, where I hold residence.
But I bet you don’t think about that stuff all the time. Sometimes you need to recognise these travesties and say, that’s fine, but what about me?

I know that sometimes the dramas of normal people are dull, but I want to hear them. Like. Now.

(Seriously though, this is an idea I’ve had for a book of short stories I’m writing for my course, and I’d like to see if it would work as a concept, so you’d all be helping me out! If published you’ll all get an acknowledgement :P)


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