Hi there! Abby here. It’s been a while. I haven’t been particularly active here for some time now and tonight, for whatever reason (OK the rum might have had something to do with it), I decided to come back. I’ve got to say, it’s a little strange. I’ve made so many friends here, many of whom have now moved on. I’ve got so many memories. I was only 14 when I joined up and now I’m an adult. Yikes. Anyway, enough about me.

I want to see some pieces based on nostalgia. That’s it. No other limits. Just writing based on that feeling when your heart sort of twists but you’re happy because of all the good times. Or whatever nostalgia means to you.

As much as I miss 2009!ficly, I’m excited to learn more about the community and writing here now. So go forth. Write much nostalgia based text! Stories, poems, drabbles, any other form of writing. I will excitedly await entrants and new faces :))

You’ve got a month! Go!!

Challenge Entries