Put Your Drafts Here

Ficly is going away and I have over one hundred drafts that will meet the same fate. I could save them to micro.Word and call it a frick-frackin day, but where’s the sex appeal in that? Besides, there’s a lot to be learned from humility, AND maybe risks are worthwhile. Peruse your stuff and pluck the drafts you want to save and enter them in this challenge. Toss off all judgmental doubt that may belittle your necessity to create, and be happy to contribute to the icing of life and society, to the decadent tradition of art in all forms. Include draft (draft) in your title(s). Show me ugly, beautiful, raw, terrible grammar, the scrawled in a fit of passion, the contemplative one-liner, that skeleton of a novel, that poem, that island bound so unto itself that every speck on the horizon reminds you of ever greater designs, that behind the blind eye falling from human skin its all continuin’ in, and continuin’ without, out and in, continuin’ from ruin til you are you again continuin’ through the view and back..

Challenge Entries