Complex Secrets and Cover up's Challenge

I’ve been thinking of this one for awhile. And i’m gonna make it simple though this challenge is complex. Confused? Good. I want you to make a 3-5 ficly mini series containing:

1) 1 or more cover up’s (not only the government pull’s cover up’s you know it doesn’t have to be huge.)

2) 2 devestating secrets

And the rest is up to your imagin- wait. Last requirement.

3) 1 action scene (chase scene, fight scene (verbal or physical) some sort of action scene)

And that’s it. The more complex the better. The more secretive the better. Do whatever you want beyond those 3 basic rules. “charge your pencil sharpners” or just plug in your keyboard. The challenge is going live in 3-2 wait it’s already live your wasting time reading this!!!!

Challenge Winner

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