You Made That Up!

Write a Ficlet (or a series of Ficlets) in which your character(s) make up a word or a phrase. The definition(s) should be evident in context, but enter a Comment with the complete definition, just in case.

May I submit more than one?
Absatively. The judge will look positively upon it.

Do I get extra points for making up more than one word or phrase?
Yes, but points don’t matter, since I will never judge this formally.

You lose points if your piece is more than one-quarter made up words, because, let’s face it, there’s no actual story there.

Do presentation & grammar count?
Yes, and not just on Ficly; that’s everywhere.

Though I can be a harsh critic, I’m not expecting perfect grammar. Do a spell-check, put spaces between your paragraphs, and try to follow at least basic grammar rules for coherency.

Although I will issue no formal judgment, I can promise that any piece difficult to read will not get the fullness of my love.

Challenge Entries