A Legend in My Own Mind

I hadn’t planned on creating a challenge just yet, but sometimes things turn out better when “planning” isn’t involved. I am hoping this is one of those times.

You’ve all heard (or used) the phrase, “A legend in his/ her own mind,” and here’s your chance to, at the least, use it to your advantage…

If you were a creature of legend, myth or imagination, what would your story be? How would you conduct your daily life? Are you a benefit, a misfit, a nitwit or culprit?

Any form- poem, song, tale, (etc.) acceptable. I think I have set the timer at close enough to two weeks for it to count as such. Toss humility and humbleness out the window. You’ve just been given the license to sing your own praises…

And,now, I’ll leave you with my favorite inspirational song lyrics.. :)

Why do you like playing around with
My narrow scope of reality?
I can feel it all start slipping away…

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