Extraordinary People in Ordinary Places

Clark Pent, not as a journalist, but as a paper delivery boy.
Brice Wine, without funds to support his neat toys.
Wonda Woman drives a rented car (that is visible).
The Questioner in Tech Services.
The Joke-maker in Customer Service.

And so forth, but change both identities slightly so as to be within the Community Standards guidelines. You may not choose the job they have in the comics. OK, you may, but don’t be cheesy. Show the job in a more realistic light.

Do I have to keep it to one Ficlet?
No. If this sparks an entire series, the judge will be delighted.

May I submit more than one?

Do presentation & grammar count?
Yes, and not just on Ficly; that’s everywhere.

Though I can be harsh, I’m not expecting perfect grammar.

Do spell-check, put spaces between your paragraphs, & try to follow at least basic grammar rules for coherency.

Although I’ll issue no formal judgment, I promise that any piece difficult to read won’t get the fullness of my love.

Challenge Entries