Characters You Know

Basically, write a character study about a person whom you actually know (however slightly).

Describe this person so that we, your attentive readers, feel as though we also knew him/her.

May I submit more than one?

Are there any limitations?
Do not use the person’s full name, because I don’t want to be responsible for their embarrassment.

Do presentation & grammar count?
Yes, and not just on Ficly; that’s everywhere.

Though I can be a harsh critic, I’m not expecting perfect grammar. Do a spell-check, put spaces between your paragraphs, and try to follow at least basic grammar rules for coherency.

Although I will issue no formal judgment, I can promise that any piece difficult to read will not get the fullness of my love.

- – - Inspiration
- – - Improving your description-writing skills
- – - The knowledge that you’ve written one more Ficlet.

Challenge Entries