Totally Gangsta! ^^ CHALLENGE

All this month we have the…. TOTALLY GANSTA CHALLENGE! The concept is simple but oh all the possobilities. Ok heres what you do. You are a gangster and you have your own empire. Explain what you stand for your name, and all of that in the ficly. It must be a discreet explanation like showing a prisoner how futile his chances of escpae are. No limit on how long the ficlies have to be. Also come up with a gangster name for yourself.
Recap on the rules:

1) Gangster name

2) Describe your empire

3) What do you stand for

4) And what your signature weapon is (does not ahve to be a gun)

You can put ANYTHING else you like in the story. Car chases, Gun fights, whatever.

Good luck and may the gang be with you. XD