King of the Road

Here I do honor to one of America’s more prolific and award-winning writers – Stephen King. I’m not going to debate the merits of his writing here, as I know that polarizes some people. But the man can certainly write what many people want to read.

The short story I’m using is “Mrs. Todd’s Shortcut,” discussed here:

MY challenge revolves around Homer’s theory that Mrs. Todd teleports as if she folded a map and drove across the fold.

What if this folding were possible? Replicable? Even commonplace? (Assuming you can fold a map back to original position, that is.)

Give me a story in this foldable world. I won’t put any more limits on you than that – that folding a map to travel quickly is part of the story. You have a month to cogitate.

(I like one-month challenges. I’d like them more if there was a webpage that listed all challenges that end in the next seven days.)

Challenge Entries