Some years ago, I and some other people online came up with the idea of an international political movement with the goal of persuading the governments of the world to repeal the Law of Gravity.

(I could tell you more about our idea, including the names we gave to this fictional movement, but knowing such things would not help you to write your story.)

I want you to write about what might happen if such a movement really existed. For example, your story could be:

- A scene from a meeting in which the leaders of the movement are discussing political strategy.
- A scene from a rally in which people are out in the streets holding placards that say “Down With Gravity!”
- A scene from the next election campaign if repeal of gravity becomes a hot political topic in your country.
- A scene showing what would happen if the movement actually succeeded and gravity was repealed.
- Other.

One fortnight. Don’t let me down.

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