Rhyme Time

Yes, bad name. But thats the only name I could think of. Basically, you write a story where all the dialogue rhymes. It could be, one person says two sentences that rhyme, or multiple people rhyme together. As in:
“This totally sucks!”
“Hey, look, some ducks!”
“C’mon, get in the truck.”

I just chose the words randomnly. But your story has to make sense!!

Or, it could be:
“I was minding my business walking down the street. All of a sudden I saw this huge beet! I screamed and I yelled, tripping over my own feet. But no one listened and I cried in defeat!”

1) Only the dialogue rhymes. The narration can rhyme if you want, but that doesnt really boost your chances of winning.
2) NO pre/sequels.
3) The story must make sense.
Thats really all that I can think of. I hope I dont think of some ideas later and then curse myself for not thinking of them now. Good luck!!