Jelly Jar Challenge

No real preamble this time.

Your Challenge: write a segment in which a jar plays a key role.

What kind of jar, you may ask? Any, really: from lab jars to jelly jars, as seemingly innocent as a glass jar of mistmatched buttons to as dangerous as a cracked lead jar of uranium.

You can cast it in either an idyllic or a sinister light, or anywhere in between; make us laugh, make us think, make our skin crawl, whatever tickles your fancy, but the jar must play an important role somehow, in some way, obvious or not. It’d be more interesting to make us look for its importance, I’d think.

If a jar’s not working for you, a glass bottle will be a sufficient substitute.

I’m not expecting too many entries for this one, so the deadline on this one will be a bit shorter than usual, but I think it’ll be plenty of time.

And, y’know, good luck, godspeed, Force be with you, feliz las pascuas, and all that other stuff.

Challenge Winner

Challenge Entries