Everyone has that one memory...

This is the first part of my “Every one has” series of challenges. Is that completely lame that I have a series of challenges?? Ok anyway, do you have a memory that makes you cringe? Or do you have that memory thakes you want to cry? A memory that if spoken you feel as though you could crumple, die, dissaper. Or what about the memory that makes you feel as though you could float or walk on air? Do you have that memory that you you want to wish away or one that you wish was real? Or you do you have a memory that you love even though you wish you didnt?

Care to share?

In this challenge, you will write about a memory through your eyes or another persons eyes (someone who was there, a person you just made up, oor etc). You can only chose from the options above. If you dont want to make it personal, then feel free to change your memory around a bit.
Ok have fun!

Challenge Entries