The Story of a Civilization

You must make a civilization, starting from ancient times and continuing it as far into modern times and possibly futuristic as possible. If this works out, the next challenge might be the story of how these countries go to war…

And they have to be balanced. Can’t go from ancient straight to modern. Each ficlet can advance at most two periods of time per sequel. The periods of time are:

Stone Age → Bronze Age → Early Medieval Era → Late Medieval Era (think cannons, basic guns, knights becoming mounted riflemen) → Industrial Revolution → Globalization Era (roughly, the period encompassing both world wars and the post-war era → Modern Day

This intends to make a civilization appear as rich as possible throughout its history. The winner will be the civilization that’s most realistic, most interesting, funniest to read, and probably the one that’s progressed the farthest (i.e. the more sequels the better)

Now go forth, worldbuilders! :)

Challenge Winner

  • Urheimat

    Author: Abstract

    Published September 8th, 2009

    Average rating: 5 out of 5

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