The Co-Author Challange

We have relationships amongst every author in Ficly. But we never write anything together.

So, My challenge to you is this:

1. Send a note to a writer you want to write with on Ficly.

2. Ask them if they’d like to join you in this challenge
(Max number of authors per entry is 3.)

3. Then devise a entry. It can be made up of separate entries as sequels or as one entry written by all of you or any other writing method you can think of.

4. Topic of entry can be any ole damn thing you want but some suggestions are:
Ficly in the Future. Toilet Paper Manufacturing. The Greater Good.

5. The entry can be as long and as dirty as you want. All the more power to you. However, if you want to win, the ultimate winners will prove they have balanced their powers as a writing super hero team.

6. Good Luck.

7. Seven!

Challenge Entries